Vision, Mission, and Values

ERDC is committed to providing valuable education and employment data that protects student privacy. Our Vision, Mission, and Values inform the work we do and the way we do it.


To promote a seamless, coordinated preschool-to-career (P-20W) experience for all learners by providing objective analysis and information.


To develop longitudinal information spanning the P-20W system in order to facilitate analyses, provide meaningful reports, collaborate on education research, and share data.


  1. Coordinate, facilitate, build upon, and enhance the education data collection and analysis already being done by multiple agencies and institutions.
  2. Adhere strictly to both the letter and spirit of privacy laws affecting individual student record data, and be sensitive to other privacy concerns.
  3. Achieve consensus wherever possible among participating agencies and institutions in determining the best data and research available to help guide the implementation of P-20W goals.
  4. Conduct all business, data development, and research in an open and transparent fashion (to the extent allowed by privacy laws), with the full inclusion of education agencies, organizations, and institutions as well as legislative participants.