High School Feedback Report (Old)

These reports provide information about the postsecondary enrollment of high school graduates. They look at four different data categories:

  • Student enrollment by type of institution
  • Demographics for all high school graduates by postsecondary status
  • Pre-graduation indicators by postsecondary status
  • Postsecondary participation characteristics for students enrolled in Washington publicly-funded institutions

The reports were produced primarily for high school principals, staff and school district administrators. They were developed with input from the K-12 stakeholder community and answers questions such as:

  • Table 1: Where are high school graduates enrolling one year after graduating?
  • Table 2: How do the demographics of the students who enroll in 2-year institutions differ from those who enroll in 4-year institutions?
  • Table 3: Are the GPAs or performance on statewide assessments different for those enrolling in 2-year institutions compared to 4-year institutions?
  • Table 4: What percentage of high school graduates enroll in pre-college courses in college?  What are the enrollment patterns for those who enroll in 2-year institutions compared to 4-year institutions?

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