High School Feedback Report (Old)

These reports provide information about the postsecondary enrollment of high school graduates. They look at four different data categories:

  • Student enrollment by type of institution
  • Demographics for all high school graduates by postsecondary status
  • Pre-graduation indicators by postsecondary status
  • Postsecondary participation characteristics for students enrolled in Washington publicly-funded institutions

The reports were produced primarily for high school principals, staff and school district administrators. They were developed with input from the K-12 stakeholder community and answers questions such as:

  • Table 1: Where are high school graduates enrolling one year after graduating?
  • Table 2: How do the demographics of the students who enroll in 2-year institutions differ from those who enroll in 4-year institutions?
  • Table 3: Are the GPAs or performance on statewide assessments different for those enrolling in 2-year institutions compared to 4-year institutions?
  • Table 4: What percentage of high school graduates enroll in pre-college courses in college?  What are the enrollment patterns for those who enroll in 2-year institutions compared to 4-year institutions?

The agreement to govern data sharing for the Public Centralized Higher Education Enrollment System (PCHEES) has expired. This is an agreement between the Office of Financial Management Education Research & Data Center with the six public four-year universities in our state: Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, University of Washington, Washington State University, and Western Washington University. PCHEES data is part of this dashboard and ERDC does not have permission to share PCHEES data at this time so the dashboard has been removed from access. Please contact erdc@ofm.wa.gov for questions or concerns.