“Getting Ready to Succeed” Washington State Integrated Data System (WA-IDS) Early Childhood Data Review Report

April, 2018

This document proposes a set of studies examining the early care and education (ECE) experiences—and the concurrent health and well-being of—Hispanic families and children in the State of Washington. These proposed studies are presented to Washington’s Education Research & Data Center (ERDC) by Abt Associates in fulfillment of Task under Contract No. K1899, under which Abt was contracted by ERDC to describe a set of proposed studies that could be executed with the current data, and/or specify what additional studies may be performed with additional data.

The first proposed study (‘Patterns of Access’) examines potential disparities in the degree to which low-income Hispanic families currently have access to adequate ECE experiences. The second (‘Patterns of Use’) concerns the degree to which these families ‘take up’ or utilize the publicly funded resources that are available to them within their communities. The third (‘Patterns of Outcomes’) concerns the degree to which various health services and ECE experiences help to address early risk factors and facilitate children’s optimal health and school readiness outcomes later in life.