Federal Grants

ERDC received and is currently completing work on the following grants:

Workforce Data Quality Initiative (DQI) Grant

The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded over $9 million in grants through the fifth round of funding under the Workforce Data Quality Initiative. The funds enable 9 states, including Washington, to build or expand longitudinal databases of workforce data and link them to education data to help improve the overall performance of workforce development programs. This grant opportunity is a sister initiative to the U.S. Department of Education's Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems grants for building longitudinal education databases.

About Washington's 2015 Workforce DQI Project

Washington's Application

2015 Workforce DQI Grant Proposal Deliverables

In progress Retrospective study of high school, workforce and postsecondary success that ties outcome measures to prior education and training ERDC
Future Analytical data marts for researchers ERDC
Future Standardized process to build research data sets ERDC
Future Metrics for understanding the characteristics and workforce outcomes of educational staff ERDC
Future Additional employment outcome measures ERDC
Future Data quality and availability documentation ESD
Future Research on labor supply ESD

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Grant

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded approximately $27 million in grants through the sixth round of funding under the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems grant program. Sixteen states received funding to carry out projects to address up to two of six priorities focusing on data use:

  1. Financial Equity and Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Educator Talent Management
  3. Early Learning
  4. College and Career
  5. Evaluation and Research
  6. Instructional Support

This grant opportunity is a sister initiative to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Workforce Data Quality Initiative grants for expanding education databases to include workforce data.

About Washington’s 2015 SLDS Project

Washington’s Application

2015 SLDS Grant Proposal Deliverables

Priority 1: College and Career

Outcome 1.1: P20W Outcomes for Juvenile Offenders
In progress Outcomes by juvenile probation sentencing   WSCCR/WSICJ
Future Outcomes by juvenile detention sentencing   WSCCR/WSICJ
Future Outcomes by type of juvenile justice involvement   WSCCR/WSICJ
Future Outcomes for multi-system-involved children   WSCCR/WSICJ
In progress Outcomes for adult vs. juvenile sentencing   SAC
Done Standardized juvenile justice report Standardized Juvenile Justice Report SAC
Done Analysis of students involved in truancy petition process Truancy in Washington State: Academic Performance and Education Outcomes among Truant Youth SAC
Outcome 1.2: Studies Incorporating Financial Aid
Done Study on the effectiveness of financial aid Persistence and Completion of Students Receiving Need-based Financial Aid ERDC
Done Predictive models incorporating financial aid structure

Unmet Need among Financially Needy College Students in the State of Washington

Impact of Need-Based Financial Aid on College Completion: An Event History Analysis

Determinants of Need-Based Financial Aid

Analysis of Alternative Financial Aid Interventions



Analysis of postsecondary outcomes of lower-income high school graduates

Choice of Major and after-Graduation Earnings


In Progress Intersection of post-secondary education and social services Intersection of post-secondary education and social services ERDC
Outcome 1.3: P20W Transitions
Done Community and technical college transfer study The Characteristics and Experiences of Students Who Transfer to Four-year Institutions ERDC
In Progress STEM analysis

Mathematics Course-taking Pathway to College STEM for Washington State High School Students, 2013 – 2017

An Overview of High School Science Course-taking to College STEM in Washington state

Data Quality Evaluation of Administrative Data

Results from Evaluating the U.S. First-Washington Data and Program

STEM Pipeline in Washington State: The Impact of High School Math and Science Coursework on Post-Secondary STEM

How Do High School Students Satisfy the Third Credit of the Mathematics Graduation Requirement?

Effect of STEM Course Taking on College Major Choice  (In Progress)

Done Predictive models for higher education completion rates

The Impact of Transfer on Baccalaureate Completion

Institutional Impact of Upward Transfer on Baccalaureate Degree Attainment

P20W Transitions – High School Course Taking

In Progress Analysis of bias in unadjusted feedback-type reports Analysis of bias in unadjusted feedback-type reports ERDC
Done Addressing modifiable community characteristics impacting postsecondary educational success Diverted Lives: How adversity compromises the postsecondary opportunities of Washington youth CAFRU
Outcome 1.4: P20W Data Coaching
In progress Incorporate P20W elements into data coaching ERDC
In progress Cultivating communication with P20W data consumers ERDC
Outcome 1.5: Expansion of Online Reporting
In progress High School Feedback Report expansion ERDC
In progress Earnings for Graduates report expansion ERDC

Priority 2: Evaluation and Research

Outcome 2.1: Early Learning Studies
Done Early Learning Feedback Report

Early Learning Feedback Report

Done Analysis of ESIT to ECEAP to K12 Services

Analysis of Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT)

Educational Outcomes of ESIT Program in Comparison with the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

Identifying Children in Need for Early Intervention Services in Washington State: An Application of Washington State All Payer Claims Database in Education Research

Associations between children’s participation in subsidized childcare and kindergarten readiness

In Progress QRIS linked to WaKIDS and third grade outcomes   ERDC
Done Addressing modifiable community characteristics impacting school readiness Every Child School Ready: Community, School, and Student Predictors of Kindergarten Readiness and Academic Progress CAFRU
Outcome 2.2: Education and Workforce Outcomes for Social Service Clients
Done Creation of critical questions and research agenda for the use of TANF data DSHS (ESA)
Done Linking TANF and ERDC data DSHS (ESA)
Done Evaluation study of statewide prevention interventions for adolescent substance abuse and education outcomes DSHS (RDA)
Done Study to identify predictors of educational outcomes for children and youth in foster care DSHS (RDA)
Done Education Outcomes of Children Experiencing Homelessness DSHS (RDA)
Outcome 2.3: K12 Study of Low-Performing Schools
Done Evaluation of student outcomes in low-performing schools: The Characteristics of Schools With and Without Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Schools Programs ERDC/OSPI
Done No School Alone 2018: Community Characteristics, Academic Success, and Youth Wellbeing ​ ERDC/OSPI
Outcome 2.4: Data Gap Analysis
Done Dataset supporting “Getting Ready to Succeed” NRCHCF
In Progress Dataset supporting “Gateways to Juvenile Justice Involvement” ERDC/WSCCR
In Progress Data Gap Analysis NRCHCF