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8 years after graduation, male workers who obtain a STEM degree earn (on average) $18,300 more than those who earn non-STEM degree, while female STEM majors earn only $2,800 more.

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What Is the ERDC?

What is the Education Research and Data Center?

We link education and workforce data from multiple state agencies, and transform this into insights that inform Washington decision-makers. This protects privacy by providing one place for people to find information for cross-sector research.

Recent Updates

Note to external data requestors

ERDC is not currently processing new external data requests, so that we can prioritize supporting requests that are mandated by the state legislature and our P20W data contributors. If you are not affiliated with OFM, ERDC, or our data contributors, then please submit your request in January 2021 for potential fulfillment.

ERDC researchers explore associations between low-income children’s participation in subsidized childcare and their kindergarten readiness

A new study by ERDC researchers Donya Karimi and Thomas Aldrich examines the kindergarten readiness for Washington State low-income students who received and did not receive a childcare subsidy the year prior to kindergarten. Using linked subsidy and assessment data, children’s kindergarten readiness is estimated across six domains and further examined in the study based on student characteristics.

New ERDC study explores the math course-taking patterns of graduating public high school students in Washington

ERDC has published a new study that examines the how Washington public high school graduates in 2016 and 2017 fulfilled thier graduation requirement for a third math credit.

New ERDC study published on the early learning pathways of former ESIT participants

ERDC has published a new study that examines the pathways of Washington Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) program participants. The study explores the kinds of services that former ESIT participants receive after they transition out of the program.