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Female workers (who graduated high school 2004-2008) with a bachelor's degree in Washington State earned 80% of what their male counterparts earned.

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What Is the ERDC?

What is the Education Research and Data Center?

We link education and workforce data from multiple state agencies, and transform this into insights that inform Washington decision-makers. This protects privacy by providing one place for people to find information for cross-sector research.

Recent Updates

High School Graduates Outcomes Dashboard Updated May 2024

The High School Graduates Outcomes Dashboard was updated with the following data:

ERDC News, Winter 2024

This version of our newsletter includes a review of 2023, the new ERDC research agenda, the ERDC report on public K-12 race and ethnicity data, and a research brief on dual credit.

View the newsletter to learn what's new at ERDC.

ERDC News, Summer 2023 

Expanding Postsecondary Collections and New ERDC Reports Released

This summer and fall, ERDC will focus on the design and governance of two new data collections: expanded postsecondary collection and financial data for public four-years.

Also, this spring ERDC released three new reports. Read more about them here: ERDC News, Summer 2023 

ERDC Dashboard Updates, April 2023

The Statewide Four Year Dashboard, the STEM Dashboard, and the Earnings for Graduates Dashboard have all been updated in April 2023. 

The Statewide Public Four-Year Dashboard now includes: