Request Data

How do I complete a data request?

First time requesting data from ERDC? Review our Privacy Considerations and Data Approval Process.

1. Plan your data request

Be prepared to tell the ERDC about your research questions, the purpose of the project, funding, study population, variables requested, which education sectors data will come from, and your research methodology. If you plan to request individual-level data, you may need to receive approval from our data contributors. Be prepared to contact them and answer questions about your data request, including your research questions and variables needed.

These ERDC tools can help you understand the types of data that may be available to you through the ERDC P20W Data Warehouse. We will also release data dictionaries in Spring 2021 for requesters to use.


2. Determine your data type

Understanding the type of data that you need is key to your data request process. The ERDC strongly encourages aggregate data requests, both to limit the amount of individual-level data shared and to expedite your data request. In cases where individual-level data is necessary, the ERDC will work with you to gain approval from data contributors, create a data-sharing agreement, and will require a review of any future publications using that data.

Please review our Data Approval Process to learn more about the differences between individual-level data and aggregate data.


3. Complete a data request form

 Once you have determined your data type, complete the appropriate form from the table below. If you are requesting individual data or unredacted aggregate data, then you must submit both the Individual Data Request Form and the Individual Data Table to ERDC.


For Aggregate Data Requests:

For Individual-level Data Requests:


4. Submit your request to the ERDC

Email your data request to

Please allow up to a week for an initial response. The time it takes to review and fulfill a request depends on the complexity of the data.