Privacy Considerations

ERDC is an authorized representative of the state educational agencies for the purposes of researching and analyzing data to support education budgeting and policymaking functions of the Legislature, the Governor, and state educational agencies (RCW 43.41.400). ERDC provides cross-sector, linked data and analysis through its P20W data warehouse. ERDC values the protection of privacy for students, employees and employers and is guided by the privacy priorities listed below.

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Lawful, fair & responsible use

ERDC data collection, use, and disclosure is based on legal authority. The ERDC collects, uses, and disclosed information responsibly and ethically, avoiding discrimination, deception, or harm. ERDC follows privacy laws, such as FERPA and IDEA, to safeguard the confidentiality of data. ERDC’s privacy practices are also guided by OCIO Policy 141.10 and the Washington State Agency Privacy Principles.

Data minimization

ERDC collects, uses, or discloses the minimum amount of information to accomplish the stated purpose for collecting the information. We categorize data in order to guide our procedures for accessing the data.

Purpose limitation

The aim of ERDC is to make education data available to policy-makers and state organizations that make decisions related to Washington students, while also protecting the data ERDC collects pursuant to state law. Several state laws articulate the reasons for collecting information through the ERDC P20W data warehouse. See RCW 43.41.100 for more on the creation of the Education and Research Data Center.

Transparency & accountability

The ERDC strives for both transparency and accountability. Transparency means being open and transparent about what personal information is collected, for what purposes, and who it is shared with under what circumstances. Accountability means being responsible and answerable for following data privacy laws and principles.

Due diligence

The ERDC takes reasonable steps and exercises care before and after entering into data use agreements with state agencies and third parties that include sharing personal information.


ERDC uses appropriate administrative, technical and physical security practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and control of personal information. ERDC maintains a regularly updated data security plan document.