P20W Data System Study

ERDC houses a statewide longitudinal data system of information on Washington students, including data about their experiences from preschool to Grade 20 to the workforce (P20W). This P20W data is collected by data contributors across the state who securely share it with ERDC, so that researchers can conduct valuable cross-sector research that informs policy- and decision-making at the state level and within partnering institutions. People throughout the state, including state policymakers, school superintendents, school principals, university administration, and academic researchers, benefit from the data available upon request at ERDC.In January 2023, ERDC is launching a P20W Data System Study to evaluate the technical processes and tools behind our statewide longitudinal data system. ERDC has contracted with Gartner to conduct this study. Gartner’s study approach is both collaborative and rigorous, involving facilitated discussions with ERDC staff, data users, data partners, and referencing market-leading research to help us understand what changes may strengthen the P20W Data System’s ability to meet future data needs. The major phases of the P20W Data System Study are outlined below, with our goal to complete the study in late spring 2023.

Phases of P20W Data System Study More Information
1) Study Kickoff

Meeting Recording

Meeting Slide deck

2) Host Discovery Sessions to understand current processes, technical capabilities, and pain points In Progress
3) Define Technical and Business Requirements for ERDC’s P20W Data System  
4) Define and Prioritize Use Cases  
5) Analyze options to enhance ERDC’s existing data and analytics architecture  
6) Identify recommendations and next steps to improve ERDC’s P20W Data System  


Check out this one-page handout to learn more about the ERDC’s P20W Data System Study.

If you have questions about this study or Gartner’s approach, please use ERDC's P20W Data System Study Feedback Form