Data Request Process

Washington’s Education Research & Data Center (ERDC) partners with other state agencies to link data in order to understand how the education system is serving Washington citizens. Our list of critical questions provide examples of the types of questions our data can help answer.

Data from our contributors

ERDC focuses on providing data for research and program evaluation questions that require data from multiple sectors in the education to workforce spectrum. If your project requires data from only one data contributor, that state agency would prefer for you to contact them directly. Visit here for a list of individual contributors.

Request data from ERDC

When the Education Research and Data Center (ERDC) shares data with other state agencies and third party researchers, it follows a process that ensures: (1) that researchers obtain only the data they need to answer their research questions; (2) that confidentiality is maintained and human subjects research protocols are followed; and (3) that institutions and organizations that contribute data to ERDC have opportunities to comment on the research and results.

  • Requestor reviews the data sharing agreement template to ensure that they can meet the security requirements. Submits data request to ERDC.
  • ERDC reviews data request, seeks clarification. May amend request based on knowledge of the data. Requestor approves of the amended request. ERDC sends request to data contributors for comment.
  • Data contributors submit feedback to ERDC within 5 days.
  • ERDC and requestor collaborate to revise data request based on feedback.
  • Requestor submits application for approval to the Washington State Institutional Review Board (WSIRB). Submits WSIRB approval documentation to ERDC.
  • ERDC creates data sharing agreement that will both meet research needs and protect confidentiality. Submits sharing agreement for review and signing. Works to provide data to data requestor.
  • Requestor analyzes data as outlined in their data request and data sharing agreement. Consults with data contributors as needed to understand the data. Writes report detailing the results of the analysis, submits report to ERDC.
  • ERDC submits report to data contributors for comment and review, and relays feedback. Data contributors have 10 days to review and comment on the use of the data.
  • Requestor evaluates comments and feedback, revises report as needed. Publishes results.

See below for a visual illustration the data request process. Visit here for a PDF version of the same document (which may be necessary on mobile devices). 

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