Outcomes of the Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program

What are the high school, postsecondary, and workforce outcomes of those who participate in Open Doors?
April, 2019

One of the three broad Building Bridges (RCW 28A.175.075) recommendations issued in 2007 tasked the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction with creating a statewide system to reengage older, credit-deficient youth who had dropped out or who had no chance to graduate from high school on time. It was the Legislature’s intent to encourage partnerships among school districts, community and technical colleges and community-based organizations to provide appropriate instruction and services that enable students to become a productive members of their community.

Open Doors youth reengagement programs and schools were developed to provide multiple pathways to demonstrate career and college readiness. Students can earn their GED and participate in postsecondary or work readiness education (GED plus), earn a high school diploma or earn college credits/certificates or a two-year degree. This report explores the high school, postsecondary and workforce outcomes of these students.