Student Participation and Postsecondary Outcomes: Entry-Level Aerospace Assembler Training and Enhanced Manufacturing Skills Programs, 2019

What are the postsecondary and workforce outcomes of students who participated in aerospace assembler training and manufacturing skills programs in high school?
April, 2019

The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction awards start-up grants to high schools and skills centers to implement training programs in aerospace assembly and enhanced manufacturing skills. These one-time awards are used to purchase or improve course curriculum, purchase course equipment and support professional development for program instructors. For both programs, the Education Research and Data Center in the Office of Financial Management is directed to collect student participation and completion data for grantrecipient high schools and skills centers and to follow students to employment or further training and education in the two years following the students’ completion of the program. ERDC is to report the findings in a series of annual reports beginning in 2014 and running through 2018.

The programs were first implemented in the 2013 school year. This 2018 annual report is the first to include complete high school course-taking information, a full two-year postsecondary enrollment and comprehensive employment follow-up.