Working with Our Data

ERDC provides a number of informational documents that help research partners understand, incorporate, link, clean and standardize educational and employment data. These documents can be especially useful for other educational data organizations looking to improve their own longitudinal databases.

  • P20W Research Handbook

    ERDC's P20W Longitudinal Data System Research Handbook introduces researchers and analysts to the Washington Preschool-to-Grade 20-to-Workforce (P20W) data warehouse and the use of its products for research and analysis purposes. The research handbook summarizes the core source data that goes into the P20W data warehouse. It also contains information about ERDC's data request process and common methodologies used in P20W research.

  • Educator Preparation Program Data Submission

    Here is the Data Submissions Manual for reporting student level data to the Education Research Data Center for aggregate reporting to PESB. 

    Here is the 2021 PESB COVID-19 Coding Guidance for how to code candidates who receive an emergency certification.

    Here are instructions for using SFTP to upload data.

    Here is the Data Manual Appendices Workbook that contains the lookup tables for EPP data submission.

    Here are the 2021 templates for uploading EPP data.

  • Using National Student Clearinghouse Data for Measuring Public Postsecondary Outcomes: Washington Case Study

    In this study, we looked at how the NSC Student Tracker system performs in matching Washington (WA) public high school graduates to in-state public 2 year and 4 year postsecondary institution enrollments.

  • PCHEES Submission Guide

    The PCHEES Data Submission Guide and the PCHEES Valid Values documentation provides users with information for working with PCHEES data.  The Release Notes informs users of changes from the prior PCHEES Data Submission Guide.  The latest version of these documents can be viewed or downloaded from the links below.

    Release Notes.pdf

    PCHEES Data Submission Guide.pdf

    PCHEES Valid Values.xlsx

  • ERDC Research Writing Guide

    This is an internal writing guide for ERDC researchers. It is designed to help ERDC researchers present their research in a clear way to stakeholders throughout the state.

  • OSPI, PCHEES, SBCTC high school crosswalk

    This workbook contains crosswalks that relate the high school codes from SBCTC, PCHEES and OSPI. The school codes for SBCTC and PCHEES are for the last high school attended. For OSPI, the school codes for Washington State public high schools.

  • Employment Data Handbook

  • SAS Macros

    ERDC has developed several SAS macros to assist us in the cleaning and linking of education data. Since other states and other entities might find them useful, we are making these SAS macros available to the public. You can view the macros here.

  • ERDC's Identity Matching Process

  • Business Rules for Standardizing Name Fields

  • Geographic Setting of Schools in Washington State: A Classification Based on Urban-Centric Locale

  • Q&A About the use of OSPI Assessment Data